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Transgender “Bathroom Panic” = Bullshit

February 25, 2017


So Trump returned our tax funded public bathrooms back to normal.  How dare that bastard! Obamas dictator like decision to make public bathrooms a “free for all” was an infringement on states rights to begin with. So basically it allowed people to use whichever bathroom they wish, making transgender people feel more comfortable right?  Yea, […]

For The Anti-Feminisit Woman!

January 22, 2017


I’d like to take a moment to recognize all the woman who stayed home during the woman’s march. They recognize they are treated just as equal as men, and just as strong as us. They don’t complain when talked to like men and don’t take offense when a man tries to help them. These woman […]

The All American Election Trend

September 19, 2015


I tend to think smart because I hardly ever agree or disagree with everything a person says. You can’t just say, “well he’s really wrong about all those things, but we do see eye to eye on this. Plus he’s Democrat so I’ll vote for him.” That just makes you look stupid and gullible. You can […]

Another Election, Same Bullshit

August 20, 2015


For every presidential election I stay at home. I don’t vote. Why?  Each option is a loss because there isn’t a politician on this earth that is capable of telling the truth about anything and furthermore, all you’re really doing is giving your opinion on which dick you’d like to fuck you in the ass. With […]

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