The Whole “False News” Thing

Posted on November 17, 2016


The big things going on right now is the whole “Fake News” thing. The entire media is involved obviously, Facebook is involved, the works. Fake News is something that I use constantly to weed out the fucking idiots and/or at least get them to realize why they should not be so reactive to everything that goes on.

Everything is so dumbed down in this world and in the end, the dumb wins. I hate stupid people and are put at a handicap when it comes to an argument because I have the need to actually make sense. That is why I use use Satire News a lot. Satire is so beautiful in and of itself because it is the art of tricking people into getting pissed off and it is really the only weapon people with logical brains have to fight stupid people. When someone overreacts to a satirical article and treats it as a real thing, they go on a huge tangent and it gives smart people the opportunity to say “Hey fucktard! Take a look at what you’re actually pissed about!” Then they have to take a minute to process the fact that maybe they are indeed fucking stupid.

People think they’re a lot smarter than they really are. Its whats called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. That act in which a cognitive bias is manifested in an unskilled individual suffering from illusory superiority. They mistakingly rate their ability much higher than whats actually accurate and they become unable to recognize this fact.

If I see a news site that someone has posted, the first thing I do is look at the source. If i don’t recognize the source, I go research the source to see if it is credible or not. Then theres a slew of finding empirical evidence, falsifiable claims, non-biased independent verification, consensus and whatnot. And if I find out that you’re posting and making a fuss over something that is entirely falsified, I will call you out on it. Period. Then you have to go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done with a giant sign above your head that simply says, “IM STUPID.”

False News is a needed thing. Its how you teach people to differentiate from whats real and whats not and to learn to actually research something before they go shit some nonsense out their word hole.