A Generation of Pussies!

Posted on November 17, 2016


We all live in a reactive society as you most of you should know.  The new generations have become such pussies because they’ve never been told they lost.  Part of a generation where every kid is a “winner” and every kid gets a medal.

I have news for you millennial pusscakes….YOU LOST!  Donald Trump isnt your President you say?  Reality check, he kind of is. lol  Donald Trump is your President whether you like it or not.  Thats how things work.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  If you dont like it, youll have another chance in 4 years.  For many of you, its your first time voting.  Welcome to real life and the land of heartbreak and dissapointment!

By the way, do you you have any idea what babies do when they dont get their way?  They whine and kick and scream thinking that will help.  Problem is, todays parents will just give in or give you a “timeout” in your room to play video games.  Dont get me wrong, its ok to cry, if its for a legit reason.  But back in my day if you cried over not getting your way, you got your ass kicked.  A swift smack to the face called the *1, 2, shut the fuck up!*  Guess what all of your whining is gonna get you?  Well, Donald Trump will still be your President at the end of your little tantrum so in other words, NOTHING.  This girl needs to get a grip (Video Link)

PSA; Get.The.FUCK.Over.Yourself!  And don’t think you’re off the hook parents.  You raised these delicate flowers to be this way.  Feeding them all this organic marshmallow bullshit and making them feel “entitled.”  The world doesn’t owe you jack shit!  Always thinking everything is unfair and not PC enough causing you to become an innocent victim.

There are no innocent victims.  If you live here on this planet, you’re guilty, period, fuck you, end of report, next fucking case!  -George Carlin

And in case you kids ever happen to wander into a classroom one day instead of walking out to go block traffic theres a few things you should know.  One; politics doesnt always go your way.  Deal with it.  Second; voting for a criminal who’s more for illegal criminals receiving more benefits than the people who fought life and limb for your dumbass is morally wrong.  And third; standing in the middle of a highway gets you killed.  Thats statistics class in case any of you are interested.


You’re all nothing more than a bunch of whiny little babies who didnt get their way and decide to become hypocritcal in order to prove some kind of point that doesnt even make sense.  Blocking traffic, beating up Trump supporters, causing riots and harrassing people doesn’t make you anything more than the thing you crybabies are yelling that you’re not.  You say the other side is fascist, racist and full of hate.  Well EXCUSE ME!  I only see one group of people doing that right now and thats YOU!  Most of you go out and cover your face while protesting and doing all your bitching because youre too much of a pussy to show your face.  What a piece of work you folks are! lol

SMH (Video Link)

So take note the next time you decide to be “offended,” get your feelings hurt and become angry at whatever it is, know that you have A LOT to learn and have not been in the real world long enough or nearly at all to even fathom what real pain is.  And also know that you should think for two god damn minutes before you shit some nonsense out your word hole!

I promise that I will not give a single fuck if I “offend” you.  So pick one and suck it.


And before I go, one last thing.  In case none of this comprehended in your tiny minds (which Im sure it hasnt), I nominate all of you to do the mannequin challenge in the middle of the busiest highway in your area.  Please let us know where youll be and we will rally the snowplows!


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