WTF VH1?!?!

Posted on November 6, 2015


So here’s some shit. I never watch “Back to the Future” on TV, just on bluray or whatever. But I noticed tonight that on VH1 tonight (which is airing Back to the Future) that the scene where Marty is in the diner and writing Doc Brown the letter about him getting shot by terrorists, Marty says, “you will be shot…” and then they cut …”by terrorists” out of the scene. Even on the letter Marty is writing they managed to edit out the handwriting where it reads, “by terrorists.”  
What’s going on VH1??? Are we afraid we may offend the terrorists now?

I’m tired of this planet.

Update: They cut the scene of him playing the “Wild Gunman” video game. Don’t wanna offend the anti gun assholes!

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