Confederate Flag Hating Assholes!

Posted on June 23, 2015


The Klu Klux Klan uses a Confederate Flag in the same way that gay rights protestors use the bible. They use it out of context and have no idea what the object really says. Both those groups are whining piles of dog shit anyways just to get that outa the way first.
The Confederate Flag is nothing more than a symbol of the southern states not wanting to be part of the northern states during the Civil War (aka Battle Flag) and has since become a pride symbol of those who live in the south. Period! It has nothing to do with slavery or racism or any other bullshit you wanna conjure up to make other people give up something so the world can be more suitable for you. Black people in the south even wave their confederate flags proudly….and chicken and waffles are fucking delicious!
The confederate flag was even used by soldiers resident of the south during WWII including and not limited to the USS Columbia.
Just because you seem to think that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism and pro slavery (which it clearly is not) doesn’t give you the right to take the right of having it away just because you can tell the difference between history and misinterpretation. Last time I looked there was black pride, Mexican pride, Asian pride, whatever pride….what’s wrong with southern pride? Just because you’re offended means nothing. So fucking what you’re offended? Your Jesus said that you shouldn’t take revenge out on someone who wrongs you. Oh really? It’s all in that book you wave around when you scream at gay people!

Exodus 21:20-21 And if a man smite his servant or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand, he shall be surely punished; not withstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished, for he is his money. 

Yea, your fucking bible is pro slavery. You won’t give that up though will you?

I don’t wave a confederate flag because, well I just never cared to go buy one, but I do know southerners who do and they have the right to do so. So as soon as you take the dick out of your asses and stop being butthurt about something you’re incredibly ignorant to because you failed history class, move your focus onto actual problems like our corrupt judicial system, the disappearance of local businesses due to corporations moving in and emptying your pockets, Martin O’Malley, Justin Bieber, the entire cast of Glee, and that asshole at the 7-11 yesterday who forgot to give me my fucking change!

Let’s all ban the Japanese flag because it’s not a symbol that represents a country, it’s a symbol that represents the bombings of Pearl Harbor. Let’s ban the Vietnamese Flag because it’s not a symbol that represents a country, it represents the Vietnam War. Let’s ban the Iceland flag because it’s not a symbol that represents a country, it represents the evil team in Mighty Ducks 2. 

Everyone needs to grow up.

The confederate flag is a symbol that represents southern states of America. Nothing more, nothing less.
Next month Americans will find something new that they hate for stupid reasons.
Go read a history book and long live the south or whatever they say.

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