She got a Super 8 at the Super 8

Posted on October 8, 2014


Here’s a story of fornication for you, simply because I’m just in that sort of fucking mood and because it’s a good fucking story. Proceed with caution.

Lets go back to the days of Myspace.  Remember Myspace?  Yea, it was that thing people used before Facebook was within the public eye.  There wasn’t a “like us on Facebook” poster staring you in the face every time you wanted to take a piss at the local gas station.  It was also a time where random messages from random people were common.  To give some perspective, I met one of my ex girlfriends on Myspace after a random message.  I wont use names in this story so we’ll just name this particular girl in question, “Scrubbers”.  Ill explain why that is in a moment.  Well the girl in question had been messaging me for a few days and seemed quite normal.  OHHHHHHH boy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Up to this point I had experienced just about every kind of random sexual encounter I could’ve dreamed of thanks to my status as a musician.  Everything from getting blown by random girls in champagne rooms, threesomes in beach condos to fucking a stripper in my friend’s pool.  It was fucking glorious.

So to set the scene, me and some friends had just arrived at a party held by someone I didn’t know.  After walking through the front door, I immediately start scanning this house to determine whether or not this party was going to be worth my time because my time is valuable and time is of the essence.  The only thing worse than a shitty party is spending too much time at one. First thing I notice, two dudes sitting on a love seat watching The Sopranos. One had a Sprite in his hand and the other was battling his way through an entire bag of Doritos.  Nothing against Doritos but this is unacceptable for any party.  Working my way to the back of the house (which is historically where all the alcohol is kept), I notice a congregation of guys literally swarming on the only 2 girls in the place. My guess is that they were probably tricked into coming here,  I immediately broke for the kitchen in hopes that there was at least some alcohol I can consume to ease the pain of witnessing such a lame fucking party.  Correction, just lame party because there was definitely not going to be any fucking in this damn house.  All I kept thinking was “thank the fucking fuck I drove here and can bolt as quickly as 5 minutes ago….AFTER I find out where they’re stashing their liquid fun”.  Bingo! I find where the booze was kept and down a shot Goldschlager followed by a Goldschlager chaser.  Me and Goldschlager never really had a great relationship but at this point, I’ll deal with this liquid psychopath over douchebags any day. We’re all standing in the kitchen throwing down booze like a god damned faucet drain and to much surprise, the group of individuals running this horrific mess of a sausage fest are completely occupied by the 2 girls that I assume at this point want to get the fuck out of there as badly as we do.  So my crew sees an opportunity to stock up on alcohol and by stock up I mean we’re taking that shit and bolting.  As this is going down, my cell phone rings.  I’m going to put the story on hold just a second to say that back in the days of Myspace, I had my cell phone number posted on my page.  So my cell phone rings and who is on the other end?  That’s right, it’s Scrubbers.

Me: “Hello?”

Scrubbers: “Hey what’s up!”

Me: “I’m at a party, if you could fucking call it that…”

Scrubbers: “Oh cool, this IS Marvin right?”

Me: “Well that depends on who’s calling and why.”

Scrubbers: “Its me _______ from Myspace…remember?”

Me: “Oh yea sure, what can I do for you?”

Scrubbers: “I need a favor, can you help me out?”

Four days of messaging and one phone call and already this chick who I’ve never met wants favors.  Either way, I’m curious because anything at this point could be better than this fucktard fest I was currently at.

Me: “I’m listening….”

Scrubbers: “I just left this party and I need a ride back to my hotel.  Can you come pick me up at the McDonalds on route 40?  Its the one in Cecil County.”

So I hear the word “hotel” and it sends an inviting signal.  However, its 45 minutes away.

Me: “That’s kind of a ways away hon…”

Scrubbers starts moaning over the phone as if she were playing with herself and then whispers, “please….”

Me: “Ill be there in 30 minutes” *Click*

So I fire down another shot, grab an unopened bottle of Goldschlager and walk out the fucking door like I owned the place.  Strap in mother fuckers because we’re on our way.

So I’m driving down the road sucking down a Black&Mild when my phone rings again.  It’s Scrubbers, and this time she doesn’t say anything but rather just starts faking orgasm followed by “hurry the fuck up!”  I’m only 10 minutes away at this point so I just hang up and carry on.  As I pull into the McDonalds, I park next to the only vehicle in the parking lot.  In the front seat sit two girls.  Both were hot so I didn’t bother worrying which one was gonna be rolling with this guy.  So after eye contact, she hops out of the passenger seat and hops in my truck.  She had mid length blonde hair with pink and black highlights, an ass that fit nicely into her mini skirt and awesome tits that looked like they just wanted out!  Now, we have a 45 minute drive all the way back to where her hotel is, but that doesn’t mean the game hasn’t started.

So we start down the road and as I’m laying down conversation, I glance over to witness her small clinched hands rubbing down her thighs.  She’s antsy, I can tell and in the back of my mind I keep wondering if that fake orgasm she was having over the phone was actually fake or was it from that other hot chick in the car?  Had I been smart I would’ve asked and wondered why that chick didn’t come too.  But anyways, shes rubbing her thighs and biting her lip and at this point there is just driving and no talking.  To my expectations, the center console flips up and there she is straddling my right leg with her hand down my pants.  This may seem dangerous.  Well…it most definitely is, but back in those days I didn’t think about things like that.  I’m doing my best to concentrate on the road and adhere to traffic laws to the best of my ability, but I’m six shots deep, I have a girl riding my gas pedal leg, breathing down my neck and tugging on my dick like its a fucking shake weight.

Me: *grunting* “So umm, where is your hotel at?”

Scrubbers: *breathing heavily* “Super 8 in Aberdeen…hurry…”

This whole “ride the driver” routine lasts the whole way to the hotel and as I’m parking she hops off and says, “so you’re coming up for a drink right?”  Sometimes questions answer themselves, so I grab the bottle of Goldschlager and with earnest purpose I say, “I’m one step ahead of you darling….”

So we barrel through the doors and up to the third floor where her room was.  I’m already working on getting the bottle open while she has already started on my belt buckle.  Then I try to convince her that it would help if she would unlock the fucking door because there is a bed and chairs and surfaces and all sorts of shit inside.  I’m holding a bottle in one hand, shes got my cock in her left hand and fumbling with the key card with her right hand trying to insert it in the door. I start realizing its good that Ill be inserting something in the hotel room tonight and not her; or at least I hope because if she breaks out a dildo with a grin on her face, I’m fucking out of here!  The old couple entering the room next to us gave us a weird look.  I’m not sure why.  It couldn’t have been the sight of me chugging Goldschlager with a chick holding onto my dick like it’s just gonna take off and fly away, so it must’ve been something else.  She finally gets the door open and manhandles me onto the bed.  I’m trying to get the condom out of my pocket (strategically placed there earlier in the night) while she is trying to rip my pants off.  I knew I had to get that condom out of my pocket before the jeans were on the floor because this chick was not going to let me off the bed.  I finally get the condom out just as my pants fly across the room, smashing into the coat hangers that were hanging on the opposite wall.  After clothes had been nearly ripped off both of us, she flies downstairs and starts blowing me like shes trying to suck start a hoover.  She was good, there was no teeth at all and the usage of the tongue and fondling of the balls was frequent.  But after about five minutes she lifts her head up and turns to me with the most devious smile followed by, “I have an idea…”  She gets up and runs into the bathroom, turns on the shower and then peeks out the doorway giving me the “come hither” motion with her finger.  My dick was so hard and I hopped out of bed so fast that I became lightheaded for just a second.  The alcohol didn’t aid in that either. So I stumble myself into the bathroom after about 30 seconds of disorientation where she has already hidden herself behind the shower curtain.  I hop in the shower and shes bent over, feet firmly planted on the shower floor and grasping the handrail like she was holding on for her life.  She looks back at me and yells, “mmmm, fuck me baby!”  Now I don’t know about any of you, but those words mean that its time to go to work.  I slip the condom on and laugh for just a second because I realized I was wearing a raincoat in the shower. lol  I slide into home and proceed to service the ever loving śhit out of her. Just for clarity, this girl is by no means, “quiet”. Which is sort of uncommon. That screaming śhit you see in porn is fucking bullshit! I grab onto her hair and now I’m fucking her like Skynet had just become self aware and we had only minutes before nuclear fallout.  She starts moaning so loud that I bet anything she woke up that old couple next door.  Hell, at one point it was so loud she may have woke up the entire floor.  But it was no matter.  I was fucked up on Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps, I had my dick in this gorgeous nymphomaniac and I wasn’t at that lame ass piece of shit sausage shindig I left my friends at.  Not a single fuck was to be given if there was a knock on the door.

We’ve been fucking the shit out of each other for the past 30 minutes or so and after she came for the third time, I realize that there’s no holding it anymore.  “Fuck, I’m gonna cum baby!” as I pull out and rip the condom off.  She knew just what do to as I expected.  She got right down on her knees, put my cock in her mouth and sucked the cum right out of me.  It felt so good, I think I deciphered the Da Vinci Code.

She stands up and starts kissing my neck while lathering up a loofah.  Remember I told you why I decided to call her Scrubbers?  Well, she started scrubbing and washing us both down.  Behind the ears, under the balls, the works.  I hadn’t had somebody wash me since I was an infant and I started thinking, I may hire this girl to do this on a daily basis because this totally rules!

After we’re both all squeaky clean, we dry off and hop on the bed to relax for a minute.  Excited to notice her room was a smoking room, I laid back and lit up a cigarette.  At this point I had driven almost an hour out of my way, picked this girl up and drove her almost an hour back to her hotel, let her drink my booze, fucked the shit out of her and let her wash me down.  Just when I think I’ve given enough there’s a tap on my shoulder….

Scrubbers: “Can I have one of those cigarettes?”

For the fucking love of fucking fuck! Haven’t I done enough for this girl? When will the favors end?!?!

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