Phase 2

Posted on September 2, 2014


If there’s one thing I’ve been since High School its totally rebellious.  I had a problem with what society had portrayed as to what I should be doing.  Graduate school, get a job, get married, have kids, live happily ever after.  The basic conform structure that makes you “fit in”.  I wasn’t down with that.  It seemed way to structured and boring and furthermore I wasn’t about to be just another robot working a 9-5 doing the same shit day in and day out.  It wasn’t appealing at all.   But I already had a skill that I loved so it wasn’t anything but easy for me to decide what I wanted to do.  College OUT, music industry IN.  

I got introduced and sucked into this lifestyle at the age of 15.  While other people in my school were going to house parties and competing with the sun for the center of the universe, I was playing clubs and living in a much more prestigious spotlight.  I had no interest in school, even though I graduated with a 3.0 GPA and had no interest in attending college.  I didn’t even take the SATs.  The only reason I went to prom was to make my mother happy and I ended up leaving early to go play a show.  I had bigger priorities. 

I basically followed that path right out of High School, working odd jobs on and off along the way to fund what I was doing.  There isn’t a lot of money in the music scene when you’re playing original music, but that was OK because I did not care much about money.  It wasn’t important to me.  What was important was the music and the act of kicking life right in the teeth while throwing up a big middle finger to the society around me.  I had been through a few different bands, started one of my own and had also been working as a drum tech for a good friend of mine who had also been my drum teacher at one point.  Eventually It became harder and harder to keep things going in an original band with the way the scene started changing in the late 2000’s.  I was still working odd jobs and took on the full time roll of teching for two of the biggest bands on the Baltimore cover scene.  

Along the way I’ve met a great deal of good people and bad people.  I traveled to several different states blazing a path of total chaos and blurred insanity with a lot of euphoric feelings and self destruction left in its wake.  Just a long line of hangovers, a few withdraws, post party what the fucks and awkward mornings. (If you know what I mean)  I’ve been promised everything under the sun and been presented with less than half that.  I’ve watched as the industry chews guys up and spits them out into shells of drug induced junkies.  I’ve been empowered, demonized, celebrated, vilified, adored, loathed, misunderstood, loved, hated, deified, scorned, praised, broken down, cherished, worshipped, idolized and ruined to my absolute core.  In this industry, you need to have amazingly thick skin and the ability to take the bad with the good and to keep everything in a controlled state.  Because once the fire breaks loose and runs wild you’ve just landed yourself a one way ticket to fuckville.  I’ve had the greatest, craziest, roller coaster ride to hell experience of a lifetime and basically to sum it all up, lived the lives of 10 men all before the age of 25.  

But as the scene changed over the past few years, I along with other band mates have slowed the train down.  Never to a screeching halt, but enough to keep the party going.  Its been a long journey but its only just beginning and its time for me to add another chapter to the book.  To add something to the mix.  By far the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever done.  

Im going to college.  Time for phase 2.  



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