Posted on July 6, 2014


Kanye West. Enough said.

That one asshole that yells “Free Bird” at shows. We will not play it. EVER!

Obnoxious People. Just shut the fuck up already.

Folks who think its OK to jump on stage with the band and just hang out up there for 2 or 3 songs. You’re not a performer, you are a 28 year old blue collar worker who’s had way too many kamikazes.

Those with bad breath who wanna tell me secrets. Especially the ones who think you tell secrets into people’s mouths.

The ones that wanna obnoxiously touch and tug on you while talking. Dirty Dancing had a lot to teach us. I have a dance space and you have a dance space. You don’t come into mine and I don’t come into yours.

Anyone who says that guns kill people. Well than I guess spoons make people fat.

The “out of place raver”. Glow sticks are not required at every event.

Anyone who is blocking the bar that already has a drink in their hand. You got your shit, now move the fuck outa the way so others can get their liquid treats.

Anyone that holds up the line at the convenience store for 20 minutes because they have to get their insanely specific lottery tickets. Listen asshole, its 6 am and there’s a line of people who just wanna pay for their coffee and get to work. “Pick 3” is not a job.

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