Technology = Lazy People

Posted on March 29, 2013


The more and more time goes on, the more and more technology advances, right? But also as time goes on and technology advances, people become lazier. Much lazier. In fact, so lazy that they get pissed off because it took more than 8 seconds for their text message to go through. Its sad.

This generation of people is some of the most ignorant I have ever seen and it really puts (for me anyways) into perspective how the “Baby Boomers” felt about us. But now that the technology is so advanced it becomes wasted on the most ignorant, selfish group of assholes I’ve ever seen.

Technology was really stale for a while. Until 2007 when the first iPhone was released, technology was for the most part, computers. Yes, TVs and other things were getting better as well but not nearly as fast as what we see today. When I was growing up the television was not an obsolete product. Now we were not 1960’s style and only had one TV; we had multiple TVs. But they were their to stay. They were bought and meant to last until they either stopped working or we broke them. But times have changed, because now when you buy a TV, people think that just because the very next year they come out with a screen that is a little bit higher resolution that they need to ditch their old TV and get the latest technology. Are you fucking kidding me? Are people really that fucking dissatisfied with what they already have?

Another great example (like I pointed out before) is the iPhone. Before 2007 cell phones were for talk and text. THATS IT! My first phone had a limited amount of minutes, a 20 character text limit, antenna that reached the top of the trees and a screen no bigger than a quarter. Compared to todays standards in phones, this thing is anything but obsolete. But it got the damn job done. Now everyone is in the race. The race to build the fastest smartphone, the biggest screen, the clearest camera, the best of technology. Nothing wrong with that don’t get me wrong. We as humans are evolving and gaining so much technological advancement at such a rapid pace that we should be in flying cars by 2015. At least thats what Back to the Future 2 told us but I digress. So where was I, oh…so once the iPhone came out, technology stopped being stale and took off like god damned rocket. Every year there is something being made to one-up the previous year, stay in the game and make the human being lazier.

Here’s where the problem is. I have an iPhone 5. It does everything but wipe my ass. I do not need to rush out and get an iPhone 5s when it is released. Why would I do that? The trend is nothing more than which company can sell more phones. Its a disgrace. If I already have a phone that is truly incredible than why would I waste money to get something that is equally as good….just newer and slightly advanced? Ill tell you why, because people have a fucking ignorant desire to obtain the newest shit to feel good about themselves. Sad choice if you ask me.

And Google Glass? Give me a fucking break! We don’t have technology working for us enough that we need to have a fucking computer strapped to the sides of our fucking heads? If pulling your phone out to snap a picture, check your email or send a message is too much work for you that you need a shitty looking pair of dorky glasses to do it for you than you not only need to get out more but also some fucking psychiatric care. If you buy a Google Glass then you are seriously one lazy fucking prick!

Technology is great. I give all credit to Apple for pushing this movement of technological advancement, not once but three times, however I think that the people need to appreciate what goes into making these things and stop looking at an iPhone 4 and calling it a piece of shit. Its not a piece of shit, its a great phone. Hell, the Motorola i90 flip phone I have shelved somewhere is an amazing phone. But because you saw an iPhone 5 commercial or a Galaxy S4 commercial you now think that anything older than that technology is a piece of shit and you gotta have the newest shit so let me go spend hundreds of dollars that I don’t have so I can be the coolest person on the block with a fucking device that I never needed in the first place because I ALREADY FUCKING HAD ONE!!!!

This will give Skynet a reason to want to kill everyone once it becomes self-aware.