The past 6 months…

Posted on March 21, 2013


Pissing you off has been an absolute pleasure. Thats not the whole story but it is a good start being that this post is a recap of the last 6 months. Where to begin…

The main philosophy behind the last 6 months is that I believe the internet to be a playground.  Not in the sense of “trolling” but in the sense of responding to certain situations as care free as possible.

I chose to tackle the religion topic for many reasons.  To name a few would be A: because its fun to watch people get their panties in a bunch and B: because I can.

To say I am a strong enforcer of satire would be an understatement.  Anything I say or do on the internet is for entertianment purposes only and that includes watching you squirm and shit your pants while I offend you in the worst possible way.  With that said I NEVER initiate response, I only receive it and retaliate.  At which point the occurances that follows shall reach ridiculous measures all in the name of making you wish you never tried to butt yourself into my business in the first place.

I think David Thorne said it best when he said, “The internet is a playground…”  Ive used the internet as such since day one and I havent changed.  To take the internet seriously is absoluely a waste of human life; however I thank your god for those people otherwise there wouldnt be as many people to laugh at.

So in light of the past 6 months, welcome to my blog.  If you wish to email me directly, you may do so at  Just be careful what you ask for…

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