The Peak of my Curiosity.

Posted on December 17, 2012


I was always told to voice my opinion.  And from those same people said, “There are two things you never talk about.  Politics and Religion.”  For one, this made no sense but two, it peaked my curiosity.

What would happen if I decided to raise these issues?  What would happen if I threw my opinions out there?  Its like fishing.  Lets see who bites!  I dont think people on facebook realize theyve been part of a social science project for the past 6 months.  shhhh, we wont tell anybody!

I could honestly care less about religion and politics.  I dont associate myself with neither of them.  Thats not to say I dont have my own opinons on them but for the most part I have never come forth and expressed my views regarding these topics.  I also didnt like it when people pushed these sorts of things into my life.  So the essential idea here was to flip the script.

What I found was that people are selfish, ignorant, arrogant and down right full of themselves.  They dont like to discuss things upon disagreement and they are some of the mosy hypocritical people Ive ever met.

Their only defense is that religion and politics somehow have a social license and it can be talked about ONLY when they agree with it.  Well fuck that is what I say.

I have a new agenda.  Forget finding out what happens when politics and religion are talked about.  I already figured that shit out.  The new agenda is this:  Ill say whatever I want, and if you dont agree you can fuck off.

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